2014 in July man

2014-07-01 20:11:25 by TheCon-Sept

I haven't been on this site for a long time. I still upload my tracks but I just recently starting listening to the communities on here submitting their music. Not much has changed. I hear a lot of sounds that need remixing, and a lot of crazy mixed and matched pieces that just don't sound all that great to me. I have always been biased towards my work but it has been getting used in other forms of art. I am actually glad that my work has gotten out there.


I encourage anyone to use my work in their work of art. You already have my permission to use my work in non commercial works. If you are an Indie Game developer and you like my sound you have my permission to use it in your game. I'm not asking for a handout. And I am not asking for any money up front. I'm very cheap when it comes to deals. I will ask this though: If my work ends up in your finished work of art I do ask that I am able to view, and or play your work free of charge to see how my piece fit into it. I am just one person. Not a band of anyone but myself. My artistic vision is to create sounds that are very unordinary and are fitting to any situation.


But again I am back for now but I have a limited amount of time to actually spend on creating anything. Looks like I will be joining the 4 AM club once again every so often. I don't know why but 4 AM is the best time to create something.


Also I paid for this work of art as one of my album covers for Omniscent.

Omniscent Album Cover


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