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This was pretty funny.

A real TSA Agent would say "Sorry this can't go with you on plane. It has to go... UNDERNEATH IT."

Besides the agent would probably facepalm before sending it out of the X-Ray.

Bullet bill.... Who ever came up with that simple line of dialogue... Pure genius! Bullet bill should have his own talk show...

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I get it. But the game is a clone of Space Invaders and Here they come.

Make it more interesting. Do more than just sfx with voices and bosses. The gameplay is just too simple for making fun of Westborro.

I hunger for SEQUEL!

After 2 and a half flippin hours man. 2 AND A HALF FLIPPIN HOURS.... It only brings back memories of the first game.

However Sinistar was rather easy to beat seeing how I have a spazz-tactic that works every time. (I really can hit any single button quite a few times with this spazz-tactic. Why do I call it a spazz-tactic? Because it looks like my whole arm is spazzing out...)

200 deaths in the yellow room... 400 every where else....

A bit hard...

But not as hard as some people make them out to be.

The art in this just fit with the music in the background.

No sound effects but I don't think the game needs sound effects for the most part. Maybe for jumping, landing, and trains passing by but that is it.

I didn't have any trouble with hit detection so on that front its fine. I noticed that you can actually avoid some obstacles and even trains if you hit it early. I also noticed that he is sort of off the track when you do switch if you hit it too early.

Some obstacles end up right in the way of the track switchers. Kind of unfair but adds to the difficulty of the game which I like.

Overall a very fun and a bit story driven game. I want to get to the end but it is so hard!

ProfessorFlash responds:

Thanks for the review.

ps. your music rocks :)

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With a little bit of work on this track you could make it sound miles better. My complaint is that it sounds flat. Not boring, not too cluttered. just flat. Let your track breathe a little. I'd say so far this track is good. It just needs some really good post work to really bring out the idea behind this track. Nonetheless it is something different and I like it.

Totally digged this track. Nice work. One small complaint... GO CRAZY MAN. Lets hear what else you can do with that backbeat! Everything else is pretty chill.

MyBrainBecameTechno responds:

sry for being lazy on the drums i have been doing electronic since 15 so i was old school composer were everything was repetitive that was the style back then so i have the habit of still doing that cuz repetitive pattern for the dance floor making techno back then was getting people dancing back then so yea next track every new section will have a new beat.

Great start. Get yourself some sample packs. Show us what you can mix without the stock samples!

EdKempeper responds:

Thank you for your review !
I don't understand what you mean by "stock samples"... For this one, I used synthesizers that were given to me by a friend, not the FL9 synthesizers. I only used one Fl drumkit for the hi-hats and one sample for the horrible percussion

'Pare for gore, try for glory.

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