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With a little bit of work on this track you could make it sound miles better. My complaint is that it sounds flat. Not boring, not too cluttered. just flat. Let your track breathe a little. I'd say so far this track is good. It just needs some really good post work to really bring out the idea behind this track. Nonetheless it is something different and I like it.

Totally digged this track. Nice work. One small complaint... GO CRAZY MAN. Lets hear what else you can do with that backbeat! Everything else is pretty chill.

MyBrainBecameTechno responds:

sry for being lazy on the drums i have been doing electronic since 15 so i was old school composer were everything was repetitive that was the style back then so i have the habit of still doing that cuz repetitive pattern for the dance floor making techno back then was getting people dancing back then so yea next track every new section will have a new beat.

Great start. Get yourself some sample packs. Show us what you can mix without the stock samples!

EdKempeper responds:

Thank you for your review !
I don't understand what you mean by "stock samples"... For this one, I used synthesizers that were given to me by a friend, not the FL9 synthesizers. I only used one Fl drumkit for the hi-hats and one sample for the horrible percussion

I don't feel like I am walking in a foggy street. I feel like I am actually traveling through a forest at night with no fog at all until the end. BUT nonetheless I enjoyed this track.

LawnReality responds:

Sorry the name doesn't work for you! Glad you enjoyed it anyway. :)

Finally something different on NG... and sounds completely authentic with the guitar. Is this you actually playing the guitar? I wouldn't care if it was bought samples but.... It definitely struck a chord with me.

If it is you playing the guitar KEEP PLAYING!

Bitbeak responds:

Thanks for the positive comment :)

And yeah, the guitar work is all me. I shall keep playing but only because you asked so nicely.

I like the drum set. But it could have a bit more excitement in it. The melody is fine but the harmony sort of throws it off immediately into like honky tonk.

Then the end has me confused. Maybe you ought to try a DnB track wit dis.

Make it so you want to "F"N Scream already!" AGH THIS IS A BORE! And I think I heard you SNORE!"

Dunno thought I'd throw it out there.

Tarteviant responds:

true :/ thanks :3

I like the idea behind this track. I feel like I am trying to do something in a foreign landscape but I can't figure out what this puzzle is telling me to do. I like the build up to the middle but... that high register sound is just not right for me. I want to love this song but I can't get over that high register sounding bassline. I know there is an underlying bass track but that high register sound just doesn't sound like it fits. Maybe knocking it down a an octave should help it. But... I think it needs more done to that synth. Maybe scratch it up or make it sound more throat like. This is just a bit of criticism.

Definitely a good mix here. I just wish I could hear the drums a bit more through till the end. Seems like everything is fighting for the spot light. Spread things out a bit. Change up the channels. Use the side kick or side chain for the kick only. It just sounds like everything is right in the center of attention... Spread it out man! Use the stereo shaper for the melody and harmonies man! Its great but needs to be spread out a bit!

Cacola responds:

Thanks for the advice! I'm not very good at mixing, but I'm trying to get better, so this should help me out next time.

Kind of sounds like it has a strong influence from Pendulum. But it sounds rather flat. Not too much depth in the sounds. Almost like the Equalizer was set up incorrectly. Try getting the low tones in the correct register for the low and the high register sounds in the highs. Spread this out and it would sound like a million bucks!

Melody is awesome and I can get down with it. The slow down seems like it is setting up for another part of the song. Can't wait to hear it.

TeoAcosta responds:

Thats most likely what happened with the Equalizer, I was really new to mixing and mastering when I wrote this track and I think I just slapped an izotope ozone preset on it and called it good enough.

Since it was part of a 3 day game jam I didn't spend much time on the mastering, which is something I try to spend more time on.

I appreciate the feedback :D

The beat trips over itself a tad bit. Not sure if that was the vision. The beginning is perfectly done. Nice glitch feel to it really. The synths are ok... but it needs a breath of fresh air after a while.... Sounds like it is chocked after the first 3 minutes... Maybe make the sound tone's a bit brighter? Open up the door a bit more? Maybe through in a reverse crash that is suddenly muted before the climax? Maybe glitched? Just throwing shapes your way.....

Ethril responds:

Think I'll keep plugging on it and repost as it progresses. For now, I need a break on it. I'll come back to it with fresh ears. Thanks for the review!

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