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This was pretty funny.

A real TSA Agent would say "Sorry this can't go with you on plane. It has to go... UNDERNEATH IT."

Besides the agent would probably facepalm before sending it out of the X-Ray.

Bullet bill.... Who ever came up with that simple line of dialogue... Pure genius! Bullet bill should have his own talk show...

This is why I stick to Steam....

Origin should be your next target for hilarity... but hey. its your cartoon man... You described every single GameStop store in America my friend... If only a girl was the person selling the game...

Woa.... creepy...

Now we have to know what Sackboy really is... But still where is this on LBP? I really need to get a PS3 again.

So where is this on LBP?

Do you create a lot of levels on LBP? I haven't played it in so long... (2 Years. I've also been PS3 less for 2 years...)

Other than that I like the opening. Very short but the end credits kind of give a lot away... As far as what to expect.

I can't believe how many people don't get these!

I had to laugh at the Sarah Palin one.

The Second one was funny.

This is turning into a better version of Robot Chicken! (Keep it original btw please.)

How the heck did I end up in here?


Yeah that is exactly what I thought... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


Very fluid and nice homage to some of the best concepts in film! Keep them coming! (I am surprised that there are some people who do not know where some of these references come from.)

I could not understand it.

I think I am missing something but I could not understand the movie.

Its probably just me but at least the animation was fluid. Someone would have to explain this one to me...

'Pare for gore, try for glory.

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