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I get it. But the game is a clone of Space Invaders and Here they come.

Make it more interesting. Do more than just sfx with voices and bosses. The gameplay is just too simple for making fun of Westborro.

I hunger for SEQUEL!

After 2 and a half flippin hours man. 2 AND A HALF FLIPPIN HOURS.... It only brings back memories of the first game.

However Sinistar was rather easy to beat seeing how I have a spazz-tactic that works every time. (I really can hit any single button quite a few times with this spazz-tactic. Why do I call it a spazz-tactic? Because it looks like my whole arm is spazzing out...)

200 deaths in the yellow room... 400 every where else....

A bit hard...

But not as hard as some people make them out to be.

The art in this just fit with the music in the background.

No sound effects but I don't think the game needs sound effects for the most part. Maybe for jumping, landing, and trains passing by but that is it.

I didn't have any trouble with hit detection so on that front its fine. I noticed that you can actually avoid some obstacles and even trains if you hit it early. I also noticed that he is sort of off the track when you do switch if you hit it too early.

Some obstacles end up right in the way of the track switchers. Kind of unfair but adds to the difficulty of the game which I like.

Overall a very fun and a bit story driven game. I want to get to the end but it is so hard!

ProfessorFlash responds:

Thanks for the review.

ps. your music rocks :)

I wish you had seen "Final Defense" on WC3

I made Final Defense which was sort of like a TD but you also had a few souped up heros you could have to battle into the crowd. I made it a long time ago tho and no one really picked up on it... Alot of TD's have been made but I think my idea had origionality to it.

If you see Final Defense anywhere take a look at it.

Phantasmagor responds:

Hey i think i've played that, good job on that man!

I can help out a bit....

Its a very goodconcept of a game.... but just 3 squares isn't enough.... you need to call it infection instead of flakes.... one reason... it make sense. The red flakes are the virus things.... the blue ones are neutral which kind of makes the game a bit simple....

but start adding some new colors like a green one should randomly appear once in every level, but it doesn't move... it rather sticks things to it for a certain time.

White ones should be able to destroy the blue ones and the yellow one if it touches it... the only way to defeat a white one is to turn it greay which requires like maybe 10 explosions or so but the white ones move at a slower rate than the rest of them... they turn gray for about a few seconds then they go white again but when you turn them gray a second time it explodes.

Silver ones shoul act as a wall and reflect the squares even more so it flushes them around alot.... but only white squares can defeat them... I think a maximum of 2 should be put in higher levels...

Also what you should do is have a couple of dead on hit squares that are bright purple that move slowly to your yellow ones and stick to it makeing the speed of the yellow square go down... they are immune to explosions when moving but when its connected to you it starts to get damage from the turqouises blowing up... if you let go of the yellow one it stays alive and regenerates back to bright purple... and continues to folow and slow you down...

Then there should be bonus levels with Black squares and a white background... the other squares still show up but the black ones can throw red squares at you... so you try to defeat the black square by exploding him like 25 times... or at least every 5 levels have a black square show down...

then there should be just a few Changing color ones like it randomly becomes a color and acts like the color.... which means if it goes blue you can click on it to turn it yellow... but only add that in higher levels...

Make some walls in the game and put the score counters in its own box so the squares don't go up behind it making it hard sometimes to grab a blue one...

This game has alot of potential.... but if you need a graphics guy I'm right here... I could make those squares into blobs if you want...

ultima301 responds:

Very interesting suggestions! I considered increasing the number of flake types but I feared on making the game too complicated. I wanted to make a game that was simple and easy to understand, but very difficult to master. Thank you for your input!


It reminds me of Excite bike.... but add bonuses for doing back flips! and add speed bonuses and fire rings for us to jump through.

iplayallday responds:

glad you liked it, visit my site www.motoramagame.com to get the actual game. You'll find a good game there :)

'Pare for gore, try for glory.

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