Themed Ambient Music

2015-05-04 04:22:07 by TheCon-Sept

As of late I have been creating several ambient break beat mixes that are actually themed around characters. Instead of focusing on background music for video game landscapes I wanted to focus more on individuals. And create an actual authentic song mostly involving glitch methods. Granulizers, cut edits. Backwards miss match and all types of different methods to achieve a weird sound.


Mojo Relic started it.... Perfidously Honest is the next one.... And the one I am working on?


Eventually will come out. But I do know I need to get some new samples soon. these ones are starting to grow old...


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2015-06-30 11:18:08

Ambient mixes are fantastic tbh. Whenever I'm making something that kinda sounds like this, I start thinking about sound design a lot. Have have you ever thought doing something like that? it could be for anything, animation, tv show, music (obviously), to create that very ominous vibe.