Still down and muted...

2015-10-07 02:29:32 by TheCon-Sept

I am fine. I just waste my time creating a lot of music as a hobby and I like sharing what I have created. I always try to make a new sound or new effect method. But I always seem to get ignored.... a lot. Of all the websites.... right now Newgrounds is the only place where I can actually get listeners besides.... a few other sites no one ever wants to be associated with.


I find it sad that when it comes to music.... and production... and "getting heard" I realize just how many people are at the same stage I am in the "music biz."


Even though I don't really want to do concerts, or be the guy behind a stage pretending to hit knobs. No. I just want to share what I have created. The sad part is? I just get no love.


So I decided to try something. And anyone who see's this and submits work onto the audio portal should do the same. Require people to review your song to have the ability of downloading it. That is right. I am sick and tired of people downloading my stuff and never even bothering to review my stuff. So i decided to do something a bit different using the websites I have available. (And this is something you should do as well.


When submitting your audio to the portal disable the download button by unchecking it. (I leave my licensing completely open so people don't get confused. I just want my "shit" to finally get out there.)


Using another website codename your song file as something else. Make sure people can still download your song on this other website.


BAck on your audio submission page add this line to your description of the song:


>>>If you want to DOWNLOAD this track, leave a review.<<<


And with each person who wants to download your track leaving a review, just PM them the link found on the other website to allow people to download your track. Surprisingly enough I did an expiriment on my song Just Fucking Run and look at what happened. More listens than I have ever seen in the past few months on my tracks. Not only that but anyone who left a review I sent them a PM linking to a download page for the track.


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2015-10-07 03:14:42

same here bud... except I haven't exactly posted any music yet... I had one, but my computer mysteriously deleted it... I blame steve bills and his windows 8.

regardless of that. nice idea! im glad you got some recognition for your work


2015-10-07 04:34:21

Surprise surprise, not everyone will listen to that disclaimer.
At any rate, I'll be sure to listen to your songs as soon a as I get my Sennheisers together and sit down. This is a promise. I'm not sure if I might review, but at any rate, I'll let you know what I think.


2015-10-07 05:09:30

Good idea!
I dont review often (my review would be "great job", but thats not a review lol) but i make sure to vote!
Also if that helps, i discovered your music because you posted interesting stuff on the forums...
I like what ive heard so far^^