Resurrected my computer.

2017-03-03 20:49:59 by TheCon-Sept

My computer crashed back almost a year and a half ago. It was the middle of August when windows 10 performed an update. And it crashed my computer to pieces. It took me this long to finally buy a POS KB and M to bring my computer back to life.


And I have already begun working on a new track. And this time.... I have some new software for my DAW to play around with. Some new... old software. It is the number one plugin I always messed with to create some interesting noises.


I have already begun working on a new album. It is one that I am going to call BASSIC.


A typo, yes. I just want people to understand that I am not going to do very complex things like crazy dubstep wobbles, orshit that only certain people can appreciate. I am going to do something Basic. And I am going to make it sound awesome.


I think I started some trends among others because I already hear something I did in the past, and it somehow shows up in major production pieces. Only because I am not trying to become rich and famous. I just want a little variety in the sounds produced. And so far I have already got some musicians to start thinking differently. Wether or not they hear my sounds I care not. I am going to continue to push forward with new ideas.


After all that is what everyone does. And hopefully these new ideas get other creators to try something different themselves.


I never stick with just one style, or one BPM. I always change it up. You've heard me mix bluegrass with some DNB, and you've heard some trance dubstep. I think the only thing left is to do an asian slow song, or maybe an indian hardstyle.


Anyway I am glad to be back up and running. It has been far too long since I have even struck a key on a keyboard.


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2017-03-04 09:34:02

Did you pray to the Omnissiah?

TheCon-Sept responds:

No. I don't do religious stuff. But at least now I can continue making more music. It was driving me mad. I had all of these ideas over the months and I would come home and just.... Dwell on them. Now.... Now I can start sparking some new ideas in my work.


2017-03-04 10:15:37

Good... You have no excuse not to now...