Deft is almost complete!

2017-03-06 03:36:54 by TheCon-Sept

So.... I had a really good rough draft of Deft. It was 95% done. I just needed to do a sound check at my job.

And when I finally heard my track... Once again I thought "Why the hell is it so quiet?" I heard the opening and the guitars were peaking out... the drums were barely there. The piano stuck out and you could hear it. But... once it hit the fast part all I could make out was the drums. I couldn't hear the piano at all peaking through the sound. So I thought... How the hell does it sound so... odd on these speakers? I listened to it 5 times after work and I took some mental notes. I had to address the Sawer towards the end of the track. It just over powered absolutely everything in the track. And to top it off the piano was actually peaking through it.

So when I got home I immediately went back to work on this track. And the first few things I addressed was the little meow part. It peaks out too much in the entire track. And it happens too often during the first double time. So I turned it down.

Then one thing lead to an entire track of other things I needed to tweak. And now the song is 98% complete... but I still feel that it needs to be tweaked a little bit more.

Like that bread oven... when you take out the bread too early it doesn't have that full taste. But after adding in the dynamic stabilizer... I could see where the peaks were hurting the overall sound file the most. So I went in even deeper, cut a few things... warmed up the bass more... and hopefully this version sounds way better than the last. So once more Deft has been updated.

I think I am beginning to get really good at mastering such crumby samples.



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