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Video Game Background music

2012-03-29 19:34:19 by TheCon-Sept

I started on a project for one of my forum buddies on another site for his android game Monster Tactics. It is nothing special right now but it has an interesting concept of using multiple monsters for a single attack. This is something not seen in a lot of games. Instead it is more of upping the stats of a character you think is the only one you need.

Well hopefully I can finish the monster tactics background and create the rest of the sound FX found in the game.

Search for "Monster Tactics" on android market. Its a free game and any feed back is greatly appreciated. d/454129/GAME-Monster-Tactics-First-app

"Sounds like Rammstein!"

2009-11-27 03:17:56 by TheCon-Sept

Wow... Someone said my track Idep sounds like a Rammstein song!

I think I have hit something here with this track... So I have put my full focus on it.

Need someone with a funky mind to produce a funky solo and bridge set to go along with this song I have been working on.

I have downloaded thousands of samples but none of them fit. I just can't make them fit one bit.

I was lucky to get so far with my latest piece but it just isn't working out man. So if you can play the guitar like a funky mother fkr then contact me.

If you have heard some of my most recent tracks they have a guitar that just doesn't sound good. I am looking to re-do them myself but I do not have a guitar. If you have an electric bass or guitar let me know. I'd like to have the guitar bits re-done and have a solo piece added to the mixes.

This is a collaborative project so I am taking any criticism on the music. Its not just going to be Rock and roll with hip hop. I am also looking for folk, country, techno, as well as a classical piece for this project.

Any help would be appreciated.