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TheCon-Sept's News

Posted by TheCon-Sept - April 28th, 2017

After spending some time creating 3D models for THUG pro for the past month.... I haven't gotten around to submitting the final work of Deft. it is up now... but I still think it sounds bad. And since nobody ever rates music anymore I can not tell if anyone likes/hates the track.


But the 3D models I am working on is a brand new map for THUG Pro. It is not done, but I have already created a few custom skaters for the game indcluding a raptor skater:




I also created a tutorial post for importing/creating your own skater.


If you want to play THUG Pro find an old copy of THUG 2 and download the thug pro mod.

Posted by TheCon-Sept - March 6th, 2017

So.... I had a really good rough draft of Deft. It was 95% done. I just needed to do a sound check at my job.

And when I finally heard my track... Once again I thought "Why the hell is it so quiet?" I heard the opening and the guitars were peaking out... the drums were barely there. The piano stuck out and you could hear it. But... once it hit the fast part all I could make out was the drums. I couldn't hear the piano at all peaking through the sound. So I thought... How the hell does it sound so... odd on these speakers? I listened to it 5 times after work and I took some mental notes. I had to address the Sawer towards the end of the track. It just over powered absolutely everything in the track. And to top it off the piano was actually peaking through it.

So when I got home I immediately went back to work on this track. And the first few things I addressed was the little meow part. It peaks out too much in the entire track. And it happens too often during the first double time. So I turned it down.

Then one thing lead to an entire track of other things I needed to tweak. And now the song is 98% complete... but I still feel that it needs to be tweaked a little bit more.

Like that bread oven... when you take out the bread too early it doesn't have that full taste. But after adding in the dynamic stabilizer... I could see where the peaks were hurting the overall sound file the most. So I went in even deeper, cut a few things... warmed up the bass more... and hopefully this version sounds way better than the last. So once more Deft has been updated.

I think I am beginning to get really good at mastering such crumby samples.


Posted by TheCon-Sept - March 3rd, 2017

My computer crashed back almost a year and a half ago. It was the middle of August when windows 10 performed an update. And it crashed my computer to pieces. It took me this long to finally buy a POS KB and M to bring my computer back to life.


And I have already begun working on a new track. And this time.... I have some new software for my DAW to play around with. Some new... old software. It is the number one plugin I always messed with to create some interesting noises.


I have already begun working on a new album. It is one that I am going to call BASSIC.


A typo, yes. I just want people to understand that I am not going to do very complex things like crazy dubstep wobbles, orshit that only certain people can appreciate. I am going to do something Basic. And I am going to make it sound awesome.


I think I started some trends among others because I already hear something I did in the past, and it somehow shows up in major production pieces. Only because I am not trying to become rich and famous. I just want a little variety in the sounds produced. And so far I have already got some musicians to start thinking differently. Wether or not they hear my sounds I care not. I am going to continue to push forward with new ideas.


After all that is what everyone does. And hopefully these new ideas get other creators to try something different themselves.


I never stick with just one style, or one BPM. I always change it up. You've heard me mix bluegrass with some DNB, and you've heard some trance dubstep. I think the only thing left is to do an asian slow song, or maybe an indian hardstyle.


Anyway I am glad to be back up and running. It has been far too long since I have even struck a key on a keyboard.

Posted by TheCon-Sept - October 7th, 2015

I am fine. I just waste my time creating a lot of music as a hobby and I like sharing what I have created. I always try to make a new sound or new effect method. But I always seem to get ignored.... a lot. Of all the websites.... right now Newgrounds is the only place where I can actually get listeners besides.... a few other sites no one ever wants to be associated with.


I find it sad that when it comes to music.... and production... and "getting heard" I realize just how many people are at the same stage I am in the "music biz."


Even though I don't really want to do concerts, or be the guy behind a stage pretending to hit knobs. No. I just want to share what I have created. The sad part is? I just get no love.


So I decided to try something. And anyone who see's this and submits work onto the audio portal should do the same. Require people to review your song to have the ability of downloading it. That is right. I am sick and tired of people downloading my stuff and never even bothering to review my stuff. So i decided to do something a bit different using the websites I have available. (And this is something you should do as well.


When submitting your audio to the portal disable the download button by unchecking it. (I leave my licensing completely open so people don't get confused. I just want my "shit" to finally get out there.)


Using another website codename your song file as something else. Make sure people can still download your song on this other website.


BAck on your audio submission page add this line to your description of the song:


>>>If you want to DOWNLOAD this track, leave a review.<<<


And with each person who wants to download your track leaving a review, just PM them the link found on the other website to allow people to download your track. Surprisingly enough I did an expiriment on my song Just Fucking Run and look at what happened. More listens than I have ever seen in the past few months on my tracks. Not only that but anyone who left a review I sent them a PM linking to a download page for the track.

Posted by TheCon-Sept - May 4th, 2015

As of late I have been creating several ambient break beat mixes that are actually themed around characters. Instead of focusing on background music for video game landscapes I wanted to focus more on individuals. And create an actual authentic song mostly involving glitch methods. Granulizers, cut edits. Backwards miss match and all types of different methods to achieve a weird sound.


Mojo Relic started it.... Perfidously Honest is the next one.... And the one I am working on?


Eventually will come out. But I do know I need to get some new samples soon. these ones are starting to grow old...

Posted by TheCon-Sept - July 22nd, 2014

What? The_Con-Sept has a new D n B track?


Yeah dude. Where have you been?


Shonid is so close to being a professional completed project that I can just hear it luminating my eyes.


Check it out! It is almost done and everyone seems to like this mix! I am happy with it!

Posted by TheCon-Sept - July 8th, 2014

Finally got the bit I wanted out of this so far. I have it all laid out. Like a well made plan. Now I just need the.... SPICE.


Check out Shonid DnB R-Mix in my profile. (It is only 60% finished but at least you can hear the direction of the song.)

Posted by TheCon-Sept - July 7th, 2014

So I was looking at my catalogue and I decided to turn an old track into a fast paced DnB track in the style of Matt Gresham (Logistics.)


More to follow but first... I NEED A BASELINE DAMMIT.

Posted by TheCon-Sept - July 1st, 2014

I haven't been on this site for a long time. I still upload my tracks but I just recently starting listening to the communities on here submitting their music. Not much has changed. I hear a lot of sounds that need remixing, and a lot of crazy mixed and matched pieces that just don't sound all that great to me. I have always been biased towards my work but it has been getting used in other forms of art. I am actually glad that my work has gotten out there.


I encourage anyone to use my work in their work of art. You already have my permission to use my work in non commercial works. If you are an Indie Game developer and you like my sound you have my permission to use it in your game. I'm not asking for a handout. And I am not asking for any money up front. I'm very cheap when it comes to deals. I will ask this though: If my work ends up in your finished work of art I do ask that I am able to view, and or play your work free of charge to see how my piece fit into it. I am just one person. Not a band of anyone but myself. My artistic vision is to create sounds that are very unordinary and are fitting to any situation.


But again I am back for now but I have a limited amount of time to actually spend on creating anything. Looks like I will be joining the 4 AM club once again every so often. I don't know why but 4 AM is the best time to create something.


Also I paid for this work of art as one of my album covers for Omniscent.

Omniscent Album Cover

Posted by TheCon-Sept - November 12th, 2012

Check out this picture for Idepthiumoc!

Idepthiumoc gets a photo?